Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Zambia

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is one of the most influential figures in Zambia. He has carried the burden of developing Zambia on his shoulders for the past thirty years and still continues to employ innovation and development projects to offer the locals with opportunities such as employment and education. His goal is to make Zambia the fastest growing nation of Africa.

Over his prolific career that extends beyond thirty years, Rajan Mahtani has played the role of an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a leader. His designation on the present date stands as the Chairperson of Mahtani Group of Companies along with being an integral part of Finsbury Investments. Being a follower of Christ, he has dedicated his life towards serving people and offering them a better tomorrow through hard work and motivation.

Sadly, in the past few years, he has become the primary target of some conspirators who wish to defame him and use the Zambian resources for their personal gain. However, Rajan Mahtani has never given up his commitment and continues to hold a key position in Zambia’s development plan. One of the most talked about conspirators of the nation are the Ventriglia family, 42% stakeholders at the Zambezi Portland Cement Factory.

In August 2015, Dr. Rajan Mahtani made a major breakthrough in Africa by way of winning a case in the Malawian High Court against Nyasa Times. The conspirators had used the news portal to defame the former Finance Bank Chairman. When the hearing took place, evidences revealed that the conspirators had intentionally published defamatory content with a view to influence the public and hence, proper relief was offered to Dr. Mahtani.

Relationship between Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Zambia

Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Zambia have shared a son-mother relationship and over the years, the same has prospered and nurtured. No mafia or corrupt leader amend the prevailing peace in Zambia.